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Wuhan MingMingDe Biochemistry Co.,Ltd

Wuhan MingMingDe Biochemistry Co.,Ltd,founded in 2010,is a professional biochemical company specialized in food
ingredients and oleochemicals.We has being strived in the field of bio-technology and oleochemical technology innovation

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Natural Vitamin E Series

D- α tocopherol is a brown red to light yellow viscous oily liquid, odorless; insoluble in water, easily soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether, acetone, chloroform and grease, widely used in medical, health care, feed, food and cosmetics industries.D- α tocophe

Phytosterol Series

Plant sterols are sheet or powdered white solid with a high melting point above 100℃ and the highest point reaching 215℃. The proportion of sterols is slightly greater than water, insoluble in water and soluble in a variety of organic solvents.

Vegetable Squalene Series &Vegetable Squalane Series

Squalane is a natural component of sebum that can be considered as bionic sebum and aids in the penetration of other active ingredients

Fatty Acid Series

FAME is in the form of yellow transparent (colorless after rectification) liquid, with mild and unique vegetable oil smell.It can be used as biodiesel and can be mixed with petrol when using.Moreover it is widely used as raw materials of surfactants (SAA)


International trade, import and exportOverseas import and export department

Introduction: The company has close cooperation with the world grain and oil giants ADM, BUNGE, CARGILL and other companies. At present, it has established stable whole process channels of raw material procurement, storage, shipping and customs clearance

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Technology research and development department and Ministry of Domestic Trade

The company relies on advanced technology, all kinds of plant deodorization distillation can be used as the raw material of the company production, broaden the source of raw materials. After the maturity of DD oil, sterol and vitamin E extraction technolo

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Common Q FAQ

An overview of the plant extract industry?

Natural plant extraction industry has the characteristics of "safety, green and health", and because of this, the industry has become a well-known sunrise industry. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the emergence of food an

What is the difference between natural VE and synthetic VE?

Natural vitamin E contains higher γ -tocopherol, γ -tocopherol antioxidant function is significantly better than α -tocopherol. Therefore, the body antioxidant function of natural VE is higher than that of synthetic VE.

The role of plant sterols?

Plant sterols are a class of steroid compounds with plant activity, with cholesterol-lowering effects and estrogen-like properties, which can be applied to animal feed, medicine and food industries.

Product characteristics of plant squalene and plant squalane?

Plant squalene is an unsaturated compound composed of six non-conjugated double bonds, which has strong antioxidant activity. Test shows that squalene has the effect of anti-cancer and improving immune capacity. Plant squalane is produced by squalene thro

Where do ferulic acid and valin come from?

Ferulic acid, valin project overall belongs to the deep processing of health projects, rice bran oil as a functional oil, by the world health organization as one of three kinds of healthy edible oil, rice bran oil fatty acids are reasonable, is the clos

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