Fatty acid

 White to microluteal paste or liquid, color number 3 #, acid value 195mg KOH / g, iodine value: 110-120gI / 100g, 0.5% water, heating test (above 27℃) completely soluble without granular transparent.


for paint, soap, detergent, surfactant, rubber aging agent, plastic plasticizer, etc. Substitute soybean oil for modified alkyl resin in the coating industry, which can shorten the reaction time, reduce the production cost, and improve the quality of paint. It is also used to make candles, crayons, luminagents and other products.

Product specifications: 

soybean fatty acid, acid value 195-215mgKOH / g, saponification value 196-216mgKOH / g, iodine value gI / 100g, freezing point 30℃, color Fe-Co 4, water 0.5% water.

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

FAME is in the form of yellow transparent (colorless after rectification) liquid, with mild and unique vegetable oil smell.It can be used as biodiesel and can be mixed with petrol when using.Moreover it is widely used as raw materials of surfactants (SAA)

Appearance and properties:

 Light yellow to colorless transparent oily liquid


Appearance and traits: Light yellow to colorless clear oily liquid use: Used as surfactant raw and advanced lubricating oil and fuel additives, emulsifier products, spice solvent.


Pack in drums or in the form specified by the customer.

Physiochemical specification:

Content≥95%,Acid value≤5mgKOH/g,Saponification value 160-170mgKOH/g,水分≤0.1%,碘值80-120gI/100g。

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