Transgenic detection technology of vegetable oil

From "the first Chinese township Fujian food testing laboratory grand meeting public welfare activities", edible vegetable oil major breakthrough in transgenic testing technology, scientific research workers together developed the edible vegetable oil not transgenic testing kit, the technological breakthrough, will help the regulations on the law on the implementation of the People's Republic of China effective implementation, further standardize the production of edible vegetable oil circulation, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

 GMO crops have shown more and more significant effects in improving yield, improving quality and resisting stress ability. However, the possible safety problems of GM crops make the public very concerned about the labeling of GM products. In order to ensure consumers 'right to know and choice, label management of gm crops and their products, the regulations on the implementation of the People's Republic of China on food safety law article 33: the production and marketing of genetically modified food shall be marked, labeling method by the food safety supervision and administration department under the State Council in conjunction with the agricultural administrative department under the State Council.

    The scientific research team jointly developed core personnel, China inspection test group Le fenpeng pointed out that the current edible vegetable oil transgenic inspection standard mainly using the SN / T1204-2016 plants and their processing products transgenic component real-time fluorescence PCR qualitative test method, the method mainly for gene extraction, PCR amplification and qualitative inspection. This method still has the poor versatility of DNA extraction method in daily detection.Recently, a major breakthrough was made in the technology of non-transgenic testing kit for edible vegetable oil jointly developed by China Inspection and Testing Group and Shenzhen Sitechno Bio.

    According to Shenzhen Sitechno biological technology co., Ltd., the chief executive officer Ma zhis introduction, the detection technology mainly for vegetable oil (corn, soybean, rapeseed, etc.) in the transgenic trace composition rapid processing, solve the DNA content in vegetable oil is very low, detection is difficult, market price difference higher factors bring many problems such as adulteration, false advertising.

    This technology provides a complete set of solutions from DNA extraction and purification in vegetable oil to qPCR amplification. This detection technology can not only carry out non-transgenic testing of raw oil (crude oil), but also efficiently carry out DNA testing for first-level refined oil (products sold in the market), which greatly improves the market inspection technology.

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